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Linocut Printmaking

Lino Printing is a relief printmaking process, I love the accessibility and directness of this process. Here I share a little more information about linocut printing.

Fuchsia block early stages

A new image or design is created through sketching and painting. The image is then drawn onto or transferred to the lino block - the image is reversed at this point.

An often overlooked part of the process is preparing the paper. I use a range of wonderful printmaking papers which I carefully prepare and tear to size. For reduction prints the paper also needs to be registered so that each layer of inking lines up precisely.

Fuchsia block early stages

Once the paper and block are prepared, ink is rolled on using a brayer and the paper laid face down onto the inked block.

The print is then pressed, this can be hand burnished using a baren or by running the block and paper through a press. I vary between these methods depending on the print and the effect I am aiming to create. 

Then the magical moment when you peel back the print for the first time...

Lace Cap HYdrangea inked block_edited.jpg


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