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 I create three different types of editions of my Linocut Prints - Limited Edition, Reduction Prints and Open Editions. Find out more about each type of edition below. 

Delicate World Be Funky (2).jpg

Limited Editions

My limited edition prints are single colour, original linocut prints. I limit the number of prints created from the block. When all the prints in the edition have been made, the block is marked or destroyed so that no more prints can be created. 

Honesty and Singing Bowl close up edited.jpg

Reduction Prints

My Reduction Prints are multilayered prints created from one block. More lino is carved away from the block between each layer of inking. The block is therefore destroyed in the process and no more prints can be made. My Reduction prints are created in small editions of 9 - 15 and take weeks or sometimes months to create. 

Teasels hanging edited.jpg

Open Editions

My Open Edition prints are a wonderfully affordable way to own original prints. These single colour prints are handprinted by me in my studio. I do not limit the number and they are reprinted as they sell. I also sometimes print these in different colourways and on a range of papers. 

Lace Cap HYdrangea inked block_edited.jpg


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